Monday, 19 November 2012

Forum Posting 

         This is one of the most important trick to improve the page rank of your site & also to get traffic to your website.    

         Forum posting is a fully approved method by google search algorithm panda. In forum posting we search for different online forum sites which  allow free registration.After agreeing their terms & conditions we are allowed to register.    

        Search for a relevant topic to your website where you can post your reply dont post a link in the reply otherwise some forums may ban you post or may not allow you to repost on that thread or topic.If u want to get a backlink you have to post some relevant replies on the thread when you exceed 20 posts most of the forum allow 20 post not very sure about it you check it with the forum you are registering. After a considerable amount of post on your the topic you are allowed to post a signature.    

       A signature in nothing but a backlink to your website. If the forum has a high page rank you will get a good boost & traffic from it.Thus increasing your value in the organic part of google or  any other search engine.    Thats it enjoy forum posting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Note: please dont post spamy links or adult content on the forums !

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